Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Biggest Loser has STARTED!

Okay so I have officially joined a Biggest Loser group.  It would be awesome to win the money, but I am in it more for the support and accountability.  I sent in a picture of my weigh on the scale for my first weigh in yesterday and today I hit it strong with running in the morning, a weights and cardio class at the gym and resisting a morning binge on junk food.  The competition for Biggest Loser goes for 8 weeks.  I am hoping I can lose 2 lbs a week for a total of 16 pounds lost.

Tuna Sandwich - 300
protein shake - 320
granola bar -180
total so far: 800

Here is a LINK to the Biggest Loser Blog

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Report

apple - 60
protein shake - 350
brown rice chips - 100
protein bar - 190
popcorn - 200
orange juice - 100
total so far: 1000
oh man - that total was as of 7:00pm.  Then we had dinner (late, as usual) and I probably consumed another 1000 calories!  Why is it so hard to restrain myself.  I was better today and did not snack beforehand.  But the 3 egg omelet full of roasted zucchini, fried ham and cheese (with butter) was more calories than I dare count.  Then on top of that, I had two pieces of french toast (and maybe a little cream on them :)  Okay, so maybe dinner was OVER 1000 calories.  I have got to plan our family dinners better or start showing a little restraint! 

biked 6 miles around neighborhood
ran 1 mile at gym
did exercise machine for 20 minutes
Butts and Gutts class - 20 minutes

3 bottles so far

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Report

Protein Bar - 190
Multi Grain cereal - 180
Homemade Mac and Cheese - 300
Protein Bar - 210
Total so far: 880
 - I learned today that evenings are my hardest right now.  Just before dinner I am hungry and want to snack.  Today I did with brown rice chips (and maybe I snitched some dark chocolate chips).  We had homemade chicken noodle soup and I had two peices of sourdough bread.  I should have only had one.  I am sure between snacking and dinner I went over 1400 today.  I'll do better tomorrow!

4 bottles

Ran 3 miles
Recombanant Bike - 30 minutes
1 hour weights class

10 lbs in 2 months

Okay, anyone reading this (I doubt that there is ONE person) ignore the fact that my last post was over a year ago and believe me when I say that I am really truly hitting the weight loss things serious once again!  My goal - 10 lbs in 2 months.  My deadline - June 15. 

I have been going to the gym now for 3 weeks and started up weights classes.  Since I babysit, I can't go every day like I used to, but I am running in the mornings (when it's not pouring rain outside, which happens more often than I'd like) and am committed to doing one or two P90X workouts at home a week. 

As I have read back over this blog during the time when I was having consistent success in losing the weight, I found myself completely motivated with feelings of "I can DO this again!"  I also remembered the benefits of daily record keeping.  So, even though I doubt anyone will be reading this, I am again going to record the highs and lows (hopefully more "highs" than lows); and maintain an exercise and eating journal. 

Successes so far:
I look my measurements a few weeks ago and have lost an inch off my thighs and 1/2 inch off my arms (this is obviously where I gain weight first).  I was discouraged that nothing came off my midsection which is feeling extremely pathetic as of late.  But I have lost ONE pound and even though I thought it would be more because I felt like I starved myself for 5 days, I kind of deserved it because I binged REALLY bad on Easter candy toward the end of that week.  I also dropped 1% body fat

So, here are my goals:
- eat 1400 calories or less every day
- weights class twice a week
- running 3-4 times a week
- drink 60 ounces of water every day (at least)
- no sugar (I can't even handle a little taste or I end up binging, so I have to cut ALL of it out!) 
- Get down to 18% body fat (or lower :)

Okay, HERE WE GO...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here we go again!

Alright, I am officially back with my fitness buddies and back in the fitness world again! Baby #3 just turned 7 months and it definitely time I kick it in gear! Pulling out my spring/summer clothes last week solidified that all the more to me! Last week I took time to set some goals, take some measurements, contemplate life, and I will admit, splurge on one last binge. I have some good friends behind me who I will do a weekly check-in with (thank you Carrie, Natalie, Debbie and Sara!) My new goals are posted in the side column. I started out with a bang by getting up early to run and enjoyed a banana-less protein shake (I need to get some bananas today!) Calorie counting also starts today. I don't know how frequent I'll do a post here, but I'll try to as much as I can. My goal for this week is to just start losing... anything. Since the weekend was a bust with Easter, it's more of a half week, since weigh-ins are on Fridays. So, here's to HEALTHY living!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't do this alone!

I just got an email from my dear "furna mom" friend and she committed me to starting NO TREATS again! I seriously can't do a weight loss program alone and I need someone to report to, so THANK YOU CARRIE!

As you can see from below, I DESPERATELY need a no treat restriction! I obviously read Carrie's email AFTER I ate my so-called breakfast of cookies and stolen Halloween candy (yes, I snitched in the kids bags!) But, I promised her that I would start being accountable again and report my calories, so I am being HONEST here (don't laugh!)

We are doing no treats until Thanksgiving. Two other goals I'm going to focus on are:
- no eating past 8:00
- count calories every day

Here is the report for TODAY:
cookies (2) - 350 ??
smarties - 30 ??
tootsie roll - 30 ??
a starburst - 30 ??

(okay, now the healthy stuff):
chicken noodle soup - 400 ?
tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese (oh so good on the homemade soup!) - 200


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday Calories

Oatmeal - 150
Kashi Bar - 120
Milk - 30
sugar free snack pudding - 120
applesauce - 100
pretzels - 50
dried bananas - 50
total so far = 620